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50 years ago, we started the production of carpet machines in the name of achieving a very high quality work within the journey has given pride to live. Within the sector, not only within the borders of our own country, but within the more than 40 countries of the world, we have always improved ourselves and achieved the brand value that we have today. When manufacturing carpet washing machines, we produced a machine that works more than any other carpet washing machine in the market and is designed within a more appropriate pricing policy. 

Quality Of Our Carpet Washing Machine

Today we want to tell you about the information we need about the product we are preparing to sell. First, the capacity of our machines can be made at any size you wish. In addition, the number of brushes used in our machines in terms of Technology please our customers. Supported by the latest technological components in terms of operating performance, these machines are known to have the power to wash a carpet for between 2 and 3 minutes on average. 

The most striking features of our ERG carpet washing machines, which we are producing by blending with technology, are that they are manufactured as resistant to chemical substances and water. Besides this, we pay attention to the fact that our machines are made of rust 304 quality steel. 

Siemans, Mitsubishi, Schneider and Omron are technology giant brands that have proven themselves in the world of technology. With the combination of these products, a machine that is unrivalled in quality and extremely convenient in price has emerged.

Other Features Of Our Machines

As a technological wonder, all our machines are connected to a main system with a system called PLC in order to be able to detect any problems of our products that we have produced at the moment. This system allows easy detection of any malfunctions that occur within the machine. These machines, which we have produced, can do the front and back washing of the carpet, can wrap the carpet automatically and transfer the carpets into the transport tool in an automatic way.In both the lower and upper parts of our machines, the brushing system is located.

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